Increasingly dangerous meat and poultry recalls

Perdue Farms recalls more than 68,000 pounds of chicken nuggets because they could be contaminated with wood. Organics Gluten Free Chicken Breast Chicken Nuggets were produced on October 25 and sold in stores across the country. They have a UPC bar code of 72745-80656 and the P-33944 establishment number in the US Department of Agriculture Inspection Mark.

According to the USDA, Perdue has received three complaints that wood was found in the nuggets. Lost says that he recalls the product for caution.

In one statement, the USDA says that there have been no confirmed reports adverse effects. However, the product must be discarded or returned to the place of purchase.

have increased more than 80% in the last six years, according to a new report released Thursday. Every year, one in six Americans falls ill after ingesting contaminated food, causing at least 3,000 deaths a year, 450 of which are caused by salmonella alone.

"Something is rotten in our slaughterhouses and fields, and protection from the common sense of farm-to-fork can help prevent this," said Adam Garber, a researcher with the US research group on the interest public, the organization at the origin of the report.

The FDA and the USDA said their safety inspectors were still working despite the partial closure of the government. The USDA did not comment on the report.

Food Recalls Can Be Costly for Businesses and Deadly for Consumers

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb tweeted a series of responses to the report Thursday afternoon. "We appreciate the interest of the US PIRGs for the safety of the country's food system and we always welcome a broader discussion on the subject.Public health is our top priority and the FDA s." strives to ensure that the US food supply remains among the safest "Even though we subscribe to the principle that prevention is always preferable to corrective action, such as the execution of a As a reminder, caution should be used in using recall numbers alone as the only way to measure long-term performance trends in food security. "