Well, here's another reason The single person Colton Underwood star – or whoever, from elsewhere – does not need to be ashamed to be still virgin.

According to a new survey, people who do not rushing to have sex can feel better in their decisions. The researchers found that more than a third of women and a quarter of men said they had not lost their virginity at the "right time".

The study, published in BMJ Sexual and Reproductive Health, included responses to the survey of nearly 3,000 people who answered questions about their first heterosexual relationship. The participants were all based in England and were between 17 and 24 at the time of the survey. The researchers found that about 40% of women and 26% of men said the time was not right for their sexual relationship. Most wished that they waited more time to lose their virginity, BBC reported.

The study also revealed that about half of those surveyed had lost their virginity at the age of 17.

Many people regret losing their virginity see you soon

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Although it seems like the solution is to wait longer before having sex, the researchers point out that the decision is not always under the full control of people.

There are other factors that determine whether a person is satisfied with his decision to have intercourse, such as the stability of the relationship, the prior knowledge of sexuality through sex education and the will. And unfortunately, about 20% of women and 10% of men reported having felt pressure to have sex at their first meeting. [Guys, this is an important reminder that mutual consent is important during any sexual encounter, even with your long-term partners.]

In addition, Kaye Wellings, professor of reproductive and sexual health research at the London School of Hygiene, explained to BBC.

"Every young person is different – 15-year-olds can be ready, but not 18-year-olds."

The researchers believe that this study highlights the need for better sex education, including lessons on how to determine if they feel ready and how to communicate with potential partners.