◉ Treating your Migraine ASMR Roleplay ◉


Hello everyone!

I prepared a sort of medical video for you. Nobody likes migraines so let me try to heal you with my ASMR powers… haha! I am in NO WAY a doctor so don’t judge my techniques…thank you 😀

The video that inspired me:

Did you enjoy the keyboard sounds?
How about the shirt?

The microphone I use is the 3DIO Freespace, which can be found here:
Feel free to give me any feedback or suggestions!!

I hope you enjoy + sleep !


Marianne x

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– This video is for Matthew, who supports me on Patreon! Hello Matthew!

26 Replies to “◉ Treating your Migraine ASMR Roleplay ◉”

  1. 3:25 – "just checking if everything is symmetrical"

    Everyone watching be like: No bitch, if it was symmetrical I wouldn't be watching this video I'd have a real girlfriend helping me relax.

  2. This was so relaxing, it literally helped me with my migraine. I've never heard of ASMR until today when I saw an Instagram video. I'm so sleepy now.

  3. I hate migraines. Especially since I'm a man and their 3 times as rare for me to get them than women. That makes me feel special but in a bad way.

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