The Main Symptoms of Infertility – Learn to Recognize

Many men and women do not know they are infertile until they get married or try to conceive and find difficulties in the way. If you have been worried about this issue, here are a few of the symptoms of infertility. Please bear in mind that this information does not exclude the need to consult with a certified practitioner to lead you in the right direction to deal with this problem. Many of the above symptoms can also be symptoms of other problems in your intern reproductive organs so either way, pay attention:

You have difficulty in getting pregnant, even if you are having unprotected sex with your partner for a long time. If it has been over one year that you are having regular unprotected sex trying to conceive and are not getting any luck, you or your partner might suffer from infertility. Difficulty in conceiving is one of the main symptoms of infertility, although it can also be something else, something easier or harder to treat.

You have long periods of missing menstruation. This is called Amenorrhea and this term is used to describe when a woman is in her fertile period, not taking birth control pills and still does not have her period. Amenorrhea can also be caused by a long time of birth control pill ingestion, anorexia or other eating disorder. PCOs can also be the cause for the lack of menstruation as well as infections and trouble in your internal reproductive organs. Either way, you should consult with a reliable doctor to assess what is preventing you from normally having your period. If you have PCOs that can lead to infertility or difficulty in getting pregnant, as the PCOs cause the women to have difficulty in ovulating.

You are able to get pregnant but only after a few weeks you miscarry. If you miscarry a lot, this can be a symptom for infertility or something connected. You can also be suffering from a genetic condition and either way you should be tested if this is your case.

You have PCOs. If you have PCOs, you will not be infertile necessarily, but both are connected and developing PCOS is sometimes regarded as a symptom of infertility as the Polycystic Ovaries prevent women from ovulating normally.

If you are worried about your reproductive systems health, you must act on it. Do not let things get out of your hand, your life is at stake here. If you suffer from any of the above symptoms, it might mean you suffer from infertility but it might also mean you suffer from something different, something related with cystic organisms, infections, genetic conditions, all of them not good for your health

In doubt, always consult with a certified doctor so he can go through your infertility symptoms and assess what is the best path for you to follow.

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