New Migraine Headache Relief – How Long Should We Wait For A Miracle?

Will this new miracle migraine medicine ever see the light of day? For migraine patients there is real hope for a new treatment. The person behind this discovery is professor Lars Edvinsson, at the University Hospital in Lund, south Sweden, that discovered this peptide, called CGRP, in 1984. This drug was slated for release on the market 2010. So, what was the reason for this not to take place?

For about two years time we have now seen in the magazines and on the internet about the new "miracle medicine" Telcagepant. So what was the great news about this drug in the first place? Absolutely no side effects! Wasn't that just a dream for all us migraine sufferers all over the world? Unfortunately, that dream did not last longer than a year.

Just suddenly the American drug company Merck, that developed the medicine, withdrew the introduction of this drug. And the hope for the migraine patients dropped very quickly. Soon we understood that it was the FDA, Food and Drug Administration, in USA, that did not approve of the introduction of this Telcagepant drug. Later on we heard that it was Merck themselves who stopped the introduction and informed the FDA about it. So what now? Is the hope gone for all those patients that are waiting for their new migraine headache relief medicine?

It was said that the medicine should have no side effects whatever. That was a very nice thought, but everyone with just a little understanding of how medicines work inside the body knows that this is almost impossible. But, the main reason for stopping the introduction was most likely side effects on the liver. Apart from that they found nausea, fatigue, dizziness and dry mouth. Those are very common side effects for many medicines and could not have been the main reason for rejecting the drug. So most likely it was the liver problem that made Merck and the FDA stop the introduction.

Now the introduction will take place in autumn 2011 in spite of the fact that the liver problem has not yet been solved. But I guess that the FDA allows Merck one year to get the side effects under control. One year, in this case, is a lot of time to get things working and hopefully get rid of that liver ghost. So there is still hope for this new migraine headache relief medicine. But one year is a long time to wait for many migraine patients.

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