40 Replies to “methamphetamine bitch”

  1. I'm sorry shuckle but I unsubscribe your videos aren't funny anymore cuz you sound so mad plz stop cringe videos I want shuckle to chuckle 🙁

  2. this is the sort of stuff i subscribed for 😀

    shuckle i know im probs been annoying to u lately if so im sorry

    btw how many more or these sort of videos are there going to be cause im lovin it so far

  3. shucklesquad I see always good animations non-cringe in your cringe comps what the fuck is so cringe in these memes?For the jylo meme with the dog the dog wasnt twerking it has a small tail and it was just shaking but maybe you cant read descriptions.And about bikini body its supposed to be shaking seriously you pick always the good ones into cringe

  4. Conspiracies float around this world now ever since the internet got involved with society. The ability to communicate anywhere whether it be secure or insecure is quite possibly one of the greatest and worst inventions. For example, with the internet conspiracies can now be heard in America from all the way in Sweden. The modern 2000's are the end of privacy and the beginning of communication. However, this like I said is also a bad thing. But we're not talking about that, we're talking about conspiracies. Theories of the Illuminati and other cults have become widespread, similar to the theory that the aliens are in the government. The internet is a scary place. Watch out for rabid people who become inveloped by these thoughts. Bitch.

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