Foods That Dissolve Gallstones

Foods That Dissolve Gallstones

As a sufferer of gallstones you may be undergoing severe pain on the upper part of your abdomen as well as in between the shoulder blades. You may find it difficult to eat due to nausea.

However, by adhering to gallstone diet you can get rid of the gallstones. Gallstone diet consists of foods that dissolve gallstones.

The gallstones are solidified bile. Bile is secreted by liver for digestion of fats and is stored in gall bladder. Whenever required, gall bladder will pump the bile out. When bile contains excess of cholesterol or bilirubin, it will solidify forming stones. The stones will form either inside gall bladder or in the ducts through which the bile flows. When the stones prevent flow of bile, swelling and pain occur.

There are different types of gallstones. Basically there are two types of gallstones – cholesterol and pigment. Cholesterol gallstones form due to excess cholesterol and pigment gallstones form due to excess bilirubin. All types of gallstones in both men and women can be eliminated by foods that dissolve gallstones.

The symptoms of gallstones are severe pain on upper abdomen as well as between shoulder blades, indigestion and nausea, clay colored stools, dark colored urine and yellowish skin as well as eyes.

There are various reasons for a person to have gallstones. However, women are more prone to it as pregnancy, obesity and presence of excess estrogens are three main factors contributing to formation of gallstones. The other reasons are old age, fasting, low-fiber high-fat diet, heredity, excess cholesterol and Diabetes.

For prevention as well as cure of gallstones, it is advisable to practice the following:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Healthy diet containing vegetables, nuts, calcium phosphate, less carbohydrates and no junk food.
  • Physical exercises
  • Drink coffee daily

In order to cure gallstones in a natural way, adhering to gallstone diet is all the more important.

Drink juice of beets, carrot and cucumber twice daily

Twice a day, consume cottage cheese, I table spoon of olive oil and plain yoghurt

Avoid bulk meals and eat in more number of small meals

Avoid sugar, alcohol, fats, refined carbohydrat, meat, eggs, spices etc.

To cure gallstone, the only way is to get them out of your body. This can be achieved by taking foods which can cleanse the gallbladder so as to remove the blocks. Foods that dissolve gallstones can flush them out completely thereby giving you permanent relief.

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