Explaining How & Why I Have a Medical Marijuana Card // Stoner Talk

This video is pretty to the point.. I explain why I have my medical cannabis recommendation, how it benefits my life by helping ease my anxiety and promoting an overall wellness, and why i choose a natural path versus pharmaceutical medications. Thank you for watching; now, let’s get to smoking! 😁

Legal Cannabis Patient Under Prop. 203

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6 Replies to “Explaining How & Why I Have a Medical Marijuana Card // Stoner Talk”

  1. Lots of questions. Does dabbing get you a lot higher than smoking? Also, anxiety sucks, I am one of those who was put on drugs, still on an antidepressant. My daughter inherited it. They will figure it out soon enough I hope and make it legal for mental illness. I work at an elementary school, where bullying is on the rampage. I would like to here your story, just don't want you to get upset bringing it back. I just sometimes need to know what the kids need who are being bullied. Also, love Arizona. Was just there last month. I'm from Michigan, hate the weather here.

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