Childhood Obesity Prevention- featuring Shrek (spanish, 25s)

25 sec commercial (with 5 seconds of extra song time at the end) regarding Childhood Obesity Prevention featuring your favorite characters from Shrek: Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, Puss in Boots, and others.

Brought to you by the US Dept. of Health & Human Services and the Ad Council.

5 Replies to “Childhood Obesity Prevention- featuring Shrek (spanish, 25s)”

  1. God I hate these advertisement campaigns. "Go outside and play, don't play video games… but hey, take a couple of hours to watch all 3 Shrek Movies on DVD!!!"

    And here is a quick question? How do children have to time play after 8-9 hours of school, followed by two to three hours of homework, an hour of "Family together time at the supper", and chores? Hm?

  2. In my opinion, the amount of fat kids in the USA is a real poor reflection on this society in general. Parents feed their kids crap, kids live off junk food, soda, chips and all the other crap. I see parents feeding their kids soda and donuts for breakfast….well I guess it is ok because it is low in fat, sugar is good. When I was a kid there was one fat kid in school, that kid by todays standards would not even be fat. I think that lack of discipline is out of control in this country…YUCK.

  3. shrek should hav a psa about history! that would be cool! donkey would say, "hey why is prince charming and lord farquad are bad? well most of all, not like bad guys in cop movies! liek criminals, there are other bad politicians, learn history! of you learn history, youll know why leaders are bad! and the shrek, i got arrested one time, is not just im a bad guy, most of all is based off history! there are bad cops in evil countries and good cops. learn history at school! youll know anything!

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