Childhood Obesity Prevention featuring Shrek (english, 30s)

30 sec commercial regarding Childhood Obesity Prevention featuring your favorite characters from Shrek: Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, Puss in Boots, and others.

Brought to you by the US Dept. of Health & Human Services and the Ad Council.

50 Replies to “Childhood Obesity Prevention featuring Shrek (english, 30s)”

  1. If Donkey tried to drag me out of the house while I was playing Street Fighter, I would boot his jackass out of my room and lock the door.

  2. @Ogrechild19: Why would the parents be uptight? Can you tell me more about why it was pulled off the air? Thanks!

  3. In my opinion, the amount of fat kids in the USA is a real poor reflection on this society in general. Parents feed their kids crap, kids live off junk food, soda, chips and all the other crap. I see parents feeding their kids soda and donuts for breakfast….well I guess it is ok because it is low in fat, sugar is good. When I was a kid there was one fat kid in school, that kid by todays standards would not even be fat. I think that lack of discipline is out of control in this country…YUCK.

  4. @TalonWolf
    absolutley right, before coming united state, people used to mock me all day because i was bone skinny, but i used to like myself because i was energitic and healthy. But after comin USA, man, lifestyle change, even though i am not fat, i cant go out and play all day like before. I dont walk miles with freinds (now drive car), i dont go school six times a day ( only four times.)
    see the whole point is too much of luxury and techinological reliance is killing rich countires!

  5. fiona knows just like anyone else…. getting married makes you fat… especially if youre having kids, and your husband is a slob himself, that and you live in a shitty bog in a shack… roseanne knows this too.

  6. How can you exercise for an hour per day when you're playing with Shrek DVDs, video games and McDonald's toys? It's like a commercial made by a condoms company that's telling you to be abstinent.

  7. What the hell!? The freaking game gear?! That was made 18 freaking years ago! Like any kids these days would give a shit about playing retro games XD

  8. A-HEM! Shrek and Fiona are NOT fat! They are OGRES! They are supposed to be more chunky than us! In porportion, they are completely fine, which is what they should be. In fact, Fiona's human form made her look too thin.

  9. I live in california and from Pre-School through 8th grade i only went to school with 2 fat kids the laws that are going into place to prevent obesity are stupid and are just taking more responsibility away from the parents of obese children. It is on the parents to decide what their kids eat at home and get them to do more productive things. i get that in some states there are a crapload of fat kids but on the west coast we dont so please make it up to the states to pass the laws and

  10. Ironically i used to see this commercial all the time when I was chubby XD if only my younger self could see me today lmao

  11. I totally agree..I've had a weight problem since I was in middle school, I'm a senior in high school now, but I've always been relatively active. I love being outdoors. Some people just look the way they do, and society makes it out like it's the kids' faults doesnt help that we have all this technology and everything surrounding us everyday, but tons of kids I know decide how to get exercise and still get their tech time in themselves, if the parents aren't going to.

  12. Oh hey, I remember the time the Shrek characters showed up in MY house and encouraged me to exercise. Oh wait…

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