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We know that the Richard E. Lugar Centre in Tbilisi is actually a biological weapons lab. It has always been assumed that the US Department of Defense took over this facility, alongside a string of others in the former Soviet Union, for offensive purpose, and that the “scientific research” into animal and human diseases it claims to be carrying out is merely a front for developing new biological strains, viruses and bacteria, and then testing them on the Georgian population and the agricultural industry, without asking for consent, and even developing new generation vaccines and cures which are often experimental, naturally donated or supported by the US Department of Defence and German medical research facilities.

There is much evidence that these strains are being tested on the population, ironically even pundits got-it-right. More measurable evidence includes the sudden unexplained spikes in various diseases, human and plants, mortality rates. One also needs to mention the great reluctance of medical people in Georgia to talk about such things, other than off the record and in total confidence, not even to be recorded.

Fewer are even willing to discuss the fact that, after millions of dollars have been spent on this “research lab”, because of flawed engineering and substandard safety standards. Ironically it is very difficult, if not impossible, to find a single research paper published in Georgian, and even the clinical studies are done in secret—and without informed consent. Josef Mengele, Nazi doctor, would be impressed with the Georgian project.

This is not all.

The present Georgian government made a great show of taking over this lab as soon as it took office, due to public concern about it, but the US Department of Defense still claims to run it regardless. A number of foreign contract staff at the centre had returned home to die, too many for these to be natural cause, unrelated deaths. If anyone starts asking questions, problems will result, as Ragnar Skrea Norwegian Journalist found out after attacked at his home by mast men within hours of visiting the lab several years ago.

He thought at the time that robbery was not the purpose and suspected that the attack was connected to him having information on the planned production of biological weapons in Georgia. He had been carrying out journalistic investigation regarding the allegation.

Even if the production of biological weapon does not start in Georgia, the government does not appreciate to expose the information that there is reserve of biological bacteria in the country,” said Skre in an interview with the Georgian Human Rights Centre.

All these things are matters of public record; even VOA tries to provide a smokescreen for its actual purpose, claiming that it is “politics-and-not-science” is why should Russia is concerned.

But recent developments suggest that the lab has other functions, including the links between DNA groups and bio weapons. It is not simply observing the effects of new biological strains by studying them by manipulating them. There is a strong possibility that one of its purposes is to inflict upon Georgia already proven viruses and bacteria, which no one needs to test.

Many in Russia and Arab countries suspect that they are likely the target of such research. Russian Senator Klintsevich claims that

“It is no secret that different ethnic groups react to biological weapons in different ways and that is why the West is meticulously collecting material all across Russia.”  

In short, this and other labs, in Kenya, Thailand and Ukraine are not preparing weapons for future use by its favoured terrorists but by stockpiling them for a rainy day: using them itself: conducting its own biological terrorism against its friends rather than its enemies. It is no accident that it partners with the Army Medicine’s US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command in carrying out infectious disease surveillance and research, purportedly develop better diagnostics, treatments and vaccines. Naturally all this is in violation of the Bio Weapons Convention, but that is a moot issue when the research is outsourced to Grey Zones as Georgia, under the flimsy guise of human and animal health.

Each State Party to this Convention undertakes never in any circumstances to develop, produce, stockpile or otherwise acquire or retain: Microbial or other biological agents, or toxins whatever their origin or method of production, of types and in quantities that have no justification for prophylactic, protective or other peaceful purposes Weapons, equipment or means of delivery designed to use such agents or toxins for hostile purposes or in armed conflict.

One of the people who ended up in a hospital for investigating what is going on in the Richard E. Lugar Centre is Jeffrey Silverman, who has lived in Georgia for over 25 years, and thought he had seen it all until the nature of this lab became clear. He has contributed some of his thoughts and experience to the book “Putin’s Praetorians”, written by NEO and Veterans Today contributor Phil Butler.

Silverman has brought to our attention a message he received from someone who apparently wrote to him out-of-the-blue. He recognised this message as the action of someone with a story to tell, who may have difficulty making the right people hear it.

Given the contents, this might be surprising in some countries, but not in Georgia.

Killing Hope – “Survival is Insufficient”

The message is from one Per Have. It reads:

“Dear Mr. Silverman,

I am writing to you after having read Putin’s Praetorians, and in particular your chapter.

Being a retired veterinarian specialising in animal virus diseases I am particularly interested in the spread of the devastating virus disease of pigs known as African Swine Fever (ASF). This infection had its origin in warthogs and other indigenous pigs in Sub-Saharan Africa.

ASF was introduced into Portugal and Spain around 1960, but has since been eliminated from the Iberian Peninsula. Quite surprisingly, it then surfaced in Cuba and other Caribbean islands at the beginning of the ’70s, where it proved to be detrimental to pig farming and the livelihood of poor people. It was suspected that it was introduced to cause economic damage by anti-Castro rebels supported by CIA (as mentioned in W, Blum, and “Killing Hope”).

In 2007 ASF appeared in Georgia, and has since spread to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and most recently several Eastern EU countries. It is currently the greatest threat to pig production in the EU, because it is maintained in the wild boar population, which is expanding in Europe and in which it is practically impossible to control.

It does not stop there, and as in the US, where there is compelling evidence that the CIA released whooping-cough bacteria into the open air in Florida, followed by an extremely sharp increase in the incidence of the disease in the state that year. The following year, another toxic substance was disseminated in the streets and tunnels of New York City (Blum).

Officially, it is assumed (but not proven) that the virus was brought to Georgia via swill unloaded from ships in Black Sea harbours. The [apparent] fingerprints of the virus trace it back to South-East Africa. Having read your accounts on the biological warfare activities in Georgia, the question which comes to mind is whether the introduction of ASF was entirely accidental?

I don’t know the answer to this question, but I have also not seen anyone try to answer it. I wonder if you might have any info which could shed more light on these events.

Silverman responds:

I have read your message, and I think the question is very well worth the effort of asking. I will present it to the so-called experts in the Georgian Ministry of Health and Science, and to the Lugar Lab via the mainstream media in Georgia.

What went on in Cuba, based on your materials is going on in Georgia, such as Task 33, a “Plan for Incapacitation of Sugar Workers,” as part of a scheme to develop a plan for incapacitating large sections of the sugar workers by the covert use of BW [biological weapons] or CW agents, and I suspect the loses in the hazelnut industry in Western Georgia is a pilot for what is planned for Turkey next.

There is no coincidence that the US military is involved, and how such attacks are backstopped by the bio warfare experts from Fort Detrick, Maryland. BTW, I too have a background in agriculture, spending much of my youth on a farm, having a BSc and MSc in vocational agriculture, and I even worked on the university swine farm in my student days.

Based on the information I have had access to, material from insiders working in the lab and my own background in bio and chemical weapons, US Army, there is little doubt in my mind that ASF was intentionally released as an experiment to play havoc on the Russian economy. I will be looking into this, and will see what kind of literature review I can come up with, as Georgia is mostly surrounded by Muslim countries, and Turkey may be the next target, and the virus did not affect the wild pigs in Georgia as it did the domestic herds.

DNA Specific Weapons

But how the hell can one prove one version or the other? DNA strain – South East Africa, which could be Mozambique, not well known for its pork production “husbandry” – or for having the facilities to identify or weaponise any virus, and even if it was South Africa, who may well have the facilities and know how, I very much doubt there is the political appetite to get involved in this kind of adventure. Then too there is the theory that various strains of diseases are being designed to deal with Russians and Middle Eastern populations.

I am nearly always drawn to the cock up theory. I know a friend who spent some time looking at a story about strain of mildew that affected heroin harvests in Afghanistan – reducing it by as much as 80 percent. The Soviets had [allegedly] developed it in Abkhazia and at other plant warfare facilities in Georgia after the Soviet invasion.

More recently, it turned out that neither the Brits nor Americans would touch it as it would be biological warfare and set a precedent. If they wouldn’t do it in Afghanistan where there was a kinetic war, partly funded by heroin and the arms trade, then I doubt anyone would do it to get a very minor economic advantage—at least in a world when better minds make the decisions.

Ways out at the front

It will be interesting to see what response, if any, Silverman and Have get to their questions once this information is shared with the Georgian media. What we do know already is that Donald Trump took office stating that he wanted to cut US military commitments, after its people have long supported ever-increasing spending on being the self-appointed policeman of the world.

All Trump has actually done so far is threaten all kinds of wars and make US military action ever more likely, all bark and not bite. But he knows, as do his military brass, that the US war machine is being stretched too thin. Simply in order to maintain its existing influence the US has to find another way to project force. With some of its former allies now looking at other protectors, in tandem or as replacements, the US needs more conflict simply to stand still.

During the Cold War one of the issues frequently talked about was that although both sides had nuclear weapons, the West would have had to use them first, due to the size of the Soviet Bloc’s conventional forces. The West didn’t want to do that, which is why the various disarmament treaties such as SALT were largely a Western initiative. Nuclear arms limitation would bring parity, and thus peace, because it would stop the West from having to resort to such weapons, and this—being in itself a warlike gesture.

We do not live in the Cold War world now, but we are witnessing the rise of China and a gradual loss of US influence which its own behaviour has brought upon itself. US allies are increasingly less willing to sign up to US regime change schemes, such as the Syrian conflict, and then be told by The White House that they need to pay for a greater portion of them themselves. Nor do they appreciate being told who else they can talk to if they are friends of the US, or that they are harbouring terrorists just because the US isn’t arming and paying that particular bunch of terrorists today, though it might next week.

The US is losing the conventional power game. But it still doesn’t want to nuke everyone, merely to threaten to, by putting ever more missiles in ever more bases. So the US needs biological warfare to do what it can’t do in any other way. It can destabilise its enemies, and keep its allies under control, in the biological sphere when it can’t project other types of force.

In effect, this is what Trump said on the campaign trail, as it provides the way he can square the circle of threatening all kinds of countries and still cutting conventional military expenditure, the things people see, like men and tanks. Other countries will also have to pay for a share of a US/NATO biological warfare programme, but how much of it will be on the books?

There are different degrees of classified information, and the secrecy surrounding the work of the Lugar lab and other research facilities in Georgia, which are supposed to be a “scientific institutes”, suggests that whatever goes on there is not being fully accounted for, or properly audited, because it can’t be. Trump’s business career demonstrates that he knows effective ways to save money on paper, whatever the reality.

Pigs do fly

At least the US is consistent. Whenever its actions are called into question anywhere, you can find parallels with previous US actions which give an idea of what is really going on, and even which intelligence training schools the perpetrators went to. For example, regime change has a long history of prior analogies.

Back in 1977 the San Francisco Chronicle reported on its front page that anti-Castro terrorists introduced African Swine Fever into Cuba in 1971, just as Per Have suggests, despite the fact he probably never read this article. As in the more recent case in Georgia, the virus entered Cuba by boat through friendly ports and halted pork production, thereby damaging the Cuban economy.

Those involved in transmitting the virus may not have been aware of what it was, but they were well paid for doing the job, much better than they would have been for ordinary cargo. As in the Georgian case, the US did not admit involvement, and could not have done, as the Nixon White House had banned chemical warfare at this time. But no one else could have developed the virus, introduced it in the matter they did and paid the operatives so well to do it.

Following the international embarrassment of the ironically-named Bay of Pigs fiasco, the US had few offensive options in Cuba in 1971. Military action was off the table, and propaganda wasn’t working with the very people it should have, those who were suffering privation from the Castro regime but were enchanted by the promise of the riches some exiles were making. When all else had failed, the US used pigs to try and ruin the country.

The present Georgian government, though pro-US, is not as compliant as the criminal gang which preceded it. It wants to run more of the show itself, and move away from the dirty deeds of the previous regime. So it needs to be shown who’s boss, without scaring other partners. Sending a deadly virus which ruins the pork industry was as good a way of doing this as the previous Georgian government’s favourite method, which was cutting the domestic electricity at strategic times when the country was actually exporting electrical energy.

A plus B

The US ostensibly moved its biological facilities into Georgia to study new strains of disease which were naturally occurring in livestock, and under control. The real reason however, to take control of the left over stocks of especially dangerous pathogens storied there, under the veil of threat reduction.

This may explain why the Lugar Centre has not produced public research papers – it can’t find naturally occurring bio agents, only ones it put there and researches. But as always, Georgia has been used as the template for the region – what happens there will be rolled out in other friendly regional states sooner or later, if the US sees an advantage in it—and the timing is right.

Testing biological agents on the population through takes time and a willing government that will turn a blind eye. Furthermore, you have to keep at least some of the effects quiet. Poisoning of pigs can be blamed on the virus itself, the transmission can be claimed as a natural accident or the work of hostile powers, and the effects can be broadcast to the skies so everyone goes running to their protectors.

If you were a military man who couldn’t achieve the same objectives by sending troops in, which second option would you choose? It is all about finishing the job and making the World Safe for Democracy, US-styled Democracy.

One only needs to take a look Emily St. John Mandel, and her work of fiction, Station Eleven, where 99 percent of the World’s population has been wiped out within hours and days of spread of the mysterious Georgia Flu, unknowingly brought to the United States via virus-carrying airline, naturally filled with passengers from Russia.

Enough similarities abound with the fictitious Georgia Flu/Lugar Bio Weapons Lab and/or “the real-life Ebola virus to challenge the interest of conspiracy theorists. Any level-headed reader will raise an eyebrow and wonder what if … could this?”


Henry Kamens is a columnist, expert on Central Asia and Caucasus, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

Featured image is from the author.

Recreational marijuana sales launch in Los Angeles

Los Angeles marijuana stores on Friday evening got the OK to begin selling cannabis to anyone 21 and older with just an ID.

The first state license for a cannabis business in L.A. went to MedMen Beverly Hills for the Robertson Boulevard shop to sell both recreational and medical cannabis, according to Bureau of Cannabis Control records.

The company also received licenses Friday night for its Venice and Downtown L.A. locations. They plan to start recreational sales at all three shops on Saturday morning, company spokesman Daniel Yi said.

“It’s finally here. The second largest city in the county has officially welcomed full legalization of marijuana for adult use,” Yi said.

“In many ways it’s a milestone, but in many other ways it’s just the beginning,” he said. “It’s time to roll up our sleeves and go to work.”

Recreational marijuana sales were allowed to begin in California on Jan. 1 per voter-approved Proposition 64.

Dozens of shops throughout the state ushered in the New Year with long lines of people waiting to buy the state’s first legal cannabis. But in order to get a state license, businesses had to first have a local permit. And Los Angeles didn’t start accepting applications for temporary marijuana permits until Jan. 3.

The city issued its first permits on Jan. 12. They’d handed out 55 permits as of Friday afternoon, according to a city database.

Dominique Koudsi was the first customer at The Higher Path cannabis shop in Sherman Oaks to buy adult-use marijuana, just moments after the shop received notice they were granted state approval. (Photo courtesy of Jerred Kiloh, owner of The Higher Path)

“After years of trying to get this done … it’s just exciting to be here as Los Angeles makes its move to get licensed, to filter out who is legal and who’s not,” said Jerred Kiloh, owner of The Higher Path marijuana shop in Sherman Oaks, who said that just moments after he got state approval, he made his first recreational marijuana sale to customer Dominique Koudsi.

The early permits went to existing medical marijuana dispensaries that were given “limited immunity” to operate under the city’s former cannabis policy.

Many of these shops have been open for years, serving patients who have doctor’s recommendations for medical marijuana. Kiloh’s shop, for example, has been around since 2013 and has been operating as a medical marijuana dispensary.

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But as soon as they receive a state license for recreational retail, they can begin operating much like liquor stores, selling products to anyone with an ID showing they’re at least 21.

Before the L.A. licenses started rolling in, the state had issued temporary licenses to 1,654 marijuana businesses.

The bureau had handed out 159 licenses for recreational cannabis shops, with the highest number in Sacramento and Santa Ana.

The agency had also licensed 209 medical marijuana shops and another 368 microbusinesses, distributors and lab testers.

The Department of Food and Agriculture had licensed 534 marijuana farmers, mostly in Northern California.

And the Department of Public Health had issued 384 manufacturing licenses to companies that make cannabis edibles and concentrates.

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Those numbers are expected to rise sharply as the massive L.A. market comes into play.

Considering the size of the city’s industry, Yi said there’s pressure to make sure they get it right, so they can serve as an example of responsible cannabis regulation for the rest of the country and even the world.

“It’s a huge weight we’re trying to lift here,” he said. “This is the just beginning.”

Dominique Koudsi, left, was the first customer at The Higher Path cannabis shop in Sherman Oaks to buy adult-use marijuana. She’s with shop owner Jerred Kiloh. (Photo courtesy of Jerred Kiloh)

This story originally appeared on

Obesity – How to Prevent Childhood Obesity!

Over worked and stressed out mothers all across the world seem to be settling for convince over quality. After a grueling day at the office, its easier to pick up something from the local take away shop rather than spend the precious few hours you have left of the day too cook a wholesome meal.

Switching on "the box" and letting the kids veg out seems a much easier alternative to watching little Johnny climb up the tree. In today's fast paced world, obesity is growing at a very alarming rate and how to prevent childhood obesity seems to be a hot topic.

Childhood obesity is a major problem that most of the developed countries are facing today. It has alarmed the whole world and frightfully, if not cured during childhood, will result in your child being overweight through his or her adult years. This may also result in a number of serious diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. So, prevention in this instance proves to be much better than cure.

Lets face it, kids can be incredibly honest and extremely cruel. Chances are if you are overweight, you will not only be the last one picked for the team, you will also find it harder to make friends are will more likely be shut out socially. For the parent of the obese child, it is heartbreaking to witness your kid being tortured and teased, but, if we are to prevent childhood obesity, a firm, consistent routine needs to be implemented with both parent and child coming to the party.

Due to our own eating habits, lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle, our children are now suffering the consequences. Our generation has the largest amount of obese children and the numbers are increasing rapidly on a daily basis. In order to try and eradicate this problem, parents need to start early and lead by example.

It is not fair for you to munch away on all the forbidden goodies while your child is preached to about healthy eating. As a parent and role model your main goal should be to cultivate proper eating habits.

Your child's diet should be well balanced with three meals a day as the standard. Unhealthy, processed snacks and treats need to be kept to a bare minimum and in best-case scenario, eradicated. Offer fruits and healthy snack alternatives instead. Also, as a rule, never skip breakfast, it is the most important meal of the day and enables the regulation of metabolism as well as blood sugar levels.

It's all good and well to promote healthy eating but it is also vital for children to be active. To prevent childhood obesity, physical activity is another key ingredient. With the progress of modern technology, sadly, our children have become lazy and gone are the days of outside cricket matches with the neighborhood kids or playing hide and seek until mom comes to call you.

The "play" of choice today is X box, television, cellphones and Internet. Not only do these gadgets fry your child's developing brain but promote inactivity. Parents need to take a firm stance and limit "gadgets". Make it a habit to spend at least an hour doing a fun physical activity and get them interested and involved in sport.

Not only will it keep them out of trouble but will help to prevent childhood obesity! We love all our children and want the best for them. By promoting healthy active lifestyles, hopefully all parents can do their bit to prevent childhood obesity.

Yoga Positions to Counter Migraines

Migraines are caused by stress, dieting, insufficient sleep, allergic reactions among other causes. The symptoms include headaches, nausea, pain and sensitivity to sound and light and they can make the victim's life unbearable. Apart from medication, there are other natural ways to handle this condition. Some of the physical therapy routines can reduce the occurrence or effects of migraines. For instance, yoga positions to relive the migraines are easy. They relax the nerves and treat the pangs. Practically, using the thumbs, a person needs to massage the cheeks in clockwise movement. It does not involve force, just enough to loosen up the nerves. As the procedure goes on, the person will feel a comfortable movement under the skin as the nerves start to loosen up. The person should avoid moving the head and instead have the hands going round the cheeks. This should be done for four minutes while inhaling and exhaling deeply. The aim of this technique is to less pressure and enhance transfer of oxygen through the blood vessels.

A person should sit in a comfortable pose so that the whole body benefits from this technique. In addition, since the mind is also tense due to the migraines, yoga positions can minimize this. The mind needs to be relaxed and the pressure points soothed that the blood vessels can calm down. The person should put the palm of the right hand on the forehead with the bottom part a few inches from the nose. He or she should push the palm up and down gently while breathing in and out deeply. This cools the nerves around the forehead. If the condition persists, the person should put one hand on the head and massage it gently. This should be done round and round the front part of the head until the person feels the tension clearing up.

However, it is important to remember that yoga positions should not replace the taking of medication. Yoga may alleviate the pain but it does not cure the condition. There is another routine that can help to cleanse the air passage. This will help transfer sufficient air in and out of the lungs. However, a person should be careful not to deprave the lungs or to cause an overload. This method is called Kapalabhati. The person should breathe normally twice. Next, the person should breath in and then out until the stomach pushes outward. This should be done 20 times while elongating the breathing out routine throughout. The next step involves inhaling, exhaling, inhaling completely and holding the breath for some seconds. This depends with the duration a person can hold the breath. This technique allows the lungs to supply air to organs that may be lacking it due to the expanding of some blood vessels. All these techniques should be done in an airy room to enhance the healing process.

Cancer Causes

There is not possible a single cause of any disease. Cancer is a group of 200 diseases in which the cells of body become abnormal and being out of control. Before describing the main causes of the cancer I am first defining in short the various types of cancer.

Types of cancer :

  • Breast Cancer
  • Brain Tumor
  • Bone Cancer
  • Bladder Cancer
  • Anal Cancer
  • Appendix Cancer
  • Gastrointestinal Cancer
  • Head & Neck Cancer
  • Leukemia
  • Lung Cancer
  • Lymphoma
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Skin Cancer
  • Soft Tissue Sarcoma
  • Causes of cancer :

  • Tobacco
  • Tobacco is the main cause of cancer. Cigarette smoking also comes in this category.

    Smoking can cause cancers of the lungs mouth, throat, bladder, kidneys and several other organs. According to the records smoking causes 30% of all cancer deaths in the U.S.

  • Drinking of alcohol
  • Drinking a lot of alcohol also been increase a person’s chance of getting cancer of the mouth cavity, throat, and some other organs.

  • Sun Exposure
  • Ultra Violet rays are the main cause of skin cancer. Sun burn and UV rays can damage your skin and this damage can lead the skin cancer.

  • Genetics
  • If your family belongs to any kind of cancer history, it means you need to extra precautions because genetics plays very important role for many hereditary cancers,

    And their may a grate chance of them to develop in your body. Breast cancer genes The BRCA1 and BRCA2 are examples of genetic predisposition.

  • Infectious diseases
  • Viruses are also cause of some cancers. The main viruses which affect the human cancer are hepatitis B, hepatitis C and human papillae virus.

  • Environmental Factors:
  • Today’s environment is so stressful that most people are affected by a depressed immune system. Various immune problems you can face such as allergies, asthma, yeast infection, frequent cold and flu etc which may cause of cancer of various categories.

  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Harmonic imbalance is also a big cause of cancer. Hormone imbalance is a type of allergic reaction which promotes the “endometrial” cancer.

  • Unsafe Sex:
  • Unsafe sex can increase your risk for human papillae virus infection. If one has more the one sex partners then the possibilities of cancer in the uterus increases. Researchers also think during the oral sex the same case can be drawn to tonsil cancer.

  • Age Factor
  • Various types of cancer become when a person get older. That’s cause is the changes that cause a cell to become cancerous in the first place take a long time to develop. There have to be a number of changes to the genes within a cell before it turns into a cancer cell. The changes can happen by accident when the cell is dividing. Or they can happen because the cell has been damaged by carcinogens and the damage is then passed on to future ‘daughter’ cells when that cell divides.